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How to Write a Graduation Speech as Valedictorian

The most effective method to Write a Graduation Speech as Valedictorian The valedictory discourse typically is conveyed at the graduation service by the valedictorian, the understudy with the most elevated evaluations in the graduating class, albeit a few universities and secondary schools have deserted the act of naming a valedictorian. The terms valedictory and valedictorian originate from the Latin valedicere, which means a conventional goodbye. Comprehend the Goal The valedictory ought to satisfy two objectives: It ought to pass on a sending off messageâ to the individuals from a graduating class and motivate them to leave the solace and security of their school prepared to set out on an energizing new experience. You have been decided to convey this discourse since you demonstrated you are a magnificent understudy who can satisfy grown-up obligations. Presently its chance to cause each understudy in your group to feel uncommon. As you set up your discourse, consider your mutual encounters with the class and the individuals with whom you shared them, including well known and calm understudies, class comedians and minds, educators, chiefs, teachers, senior members, and other school workers. Its imperative to cause everybody to feel as though they assumed a significant job in this mutual experience. On the off chance that you have constrained involvement with specific parts of school life, request help in gathering significant names and occasions you probably won't think about. Are there clubs or groups that won prizes? Understudies who chipped in the network? Incorporate a List of Highlights Make a rundown of features since first year, concentrating on the current year. Here are instances of occasions you could depict: Who got grants or scholarships?Were any games records broken?Is an instructor resigning after this year?Did your class have a notoriety with educators, great or bad?How numerous understudies stay from green bean year?Was there a sensational occasion on the planet this year?Was there an emotional occasion in your school?Was there an amusing second? You may need to direct close to home meetings to find out about these benchmarks. Compose the Speech Valedictory discourses frequently consolidate amusing and genuine components. Start by welcome your crowd with a snare that catches their eye. For instance, you could state the senior year has been brimming with shocks, or were leaving the personnel with bunches of fascinating recollections, or this senior class has established precedents in some bizarre manners. Arrange your discourse into subjects depicting these components. You should begin with an occasion that is on everyones mind, for example, a title b-ball season, an understudy highlighted on a TV program, or an awful occasion in the network. At that point center around different features, placing them into setting and clarifying their significance. For instance: This year, Jane Smith won a National Merit Scholarship. This may not appear to be a serious deal, yet Jane conquered a time of disease to accomplish this objective. Her quality and diligence are a motivation to our entire class. Use Anecdotes and Quotes Think of stories to represent your mutual encounters. These concise stories can be clever or piercing. You could state, When the understudy paper printed a tale about the family who lost their home to a fire, our schoolmates mobilized and sorted out a progression of pledge drives. Sprinkle in cites from well known individuals. Statements work best in the presentation or end and ought to mirror the topic of your discourse. For instance: The agony of separating is nothing to the delight of meeting once more.- Charles DickensYou will locate the way to progress under the morning timer.- Benjamin FranklinThere is just a single achievement: to have the option to go through your time on earth in your own specific manner.- Christopher Morley Plan for Time Be aware of the fitting length of your discourse. The vast majority express around 175 words for every moment, so a 10-minute discourse ought to contain around 1750 words. You can fit around 250 words onto a twofold separated page. That means seven pages of twofold separated content for 10 minutes of talking time. Tips for Preparing to Speak Its essential to rehearse your discourse before giving it. This will assist you with investigating issue spots, cut exhausting parts, and include components if youre running low. You should: Work on perusing your discourse resoundingly to perceive how it sounds.Time yourself, yet recollect you may talk quicker when youre nervous.Focus on remaining calm.Get a lot of rest the night prior to your speech.Eat a long time before your speech.Don’t attempt to be amusing on the off chance that it feels unnatural.If youre going to discuss an unfortunate occasion your class experienced (it may be off-kilter not to address it), ensure you do so prudently. Counsel an instructor or guide in the event that you have any questions or distresses. On the off chance that conceivable, practice your discourse utilizing the receiver in the area where youll be graduating. Your most obvious opportunity may be not long before the occasion. This will offer you a chance to encounter the sound of your amplified voice, make sense of how to stand, and move beyond any butterflies in your stomach.

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IT Personnel Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

IT Personnel Management - Essay Example The activity showcase is turning out to be increasingly more serious as individuals are getting more abilities and skill making it a futile way of life for the individuals who can play out the best (Jones and George, 2007) The human asset office is one of the numerous divisions of an association that consolidate and incorporate to move in the direction of the authoritative points and objectives. The principle motivation behind the Human asset division spins around the procedure of enrollment, preparing and the most proficient usage of the work force so as to give out greatest profitability while accomplishing the objectives and goals of the association. It is asserted that labor and workforce of an association is its most huge asset. As the world advances and innovation advances step by step, increasing upper hand with the assistance of an engaged and all around propelled workforce is basic. What's more, there is greater adaptability found in the work advertise far and wide too quali fied staff is moved between organizations. Subsequently, it is progressively relevant to draw in the most qualified representatives so as to pick up separation. Because of the significance of the individuals of the organization it is equivalent significant and hard for the directors to deal with these individuals. (Robbins and Coulter, 2004) This paper will examine the It Personnel the board and how it is not quite the same as customary human asset the executives. It would expand over the different parts of Personnel the executives and its suggestions. Additionally, it would thoroughly analyze IT the executives in various societies and various nations including Saudi Arabia and India. Exercises Associated with HR Management of IT Personnel Recruitment and Selection The enrollment of the opportune individual to the correct activity at the ideal time is essential to the achievement of an organization and is a key component of what the human asset division does.The procedure of enlistm ent of IT work force isn't totally different from that of non-IT staff. There are extra abilities that the IT work force should groups. The procedure of enrollment can be separated into three center stages beginning with the meaning of prerequisites, at that point the enlistment and afterward the determination procedure. (Amit and Belcourt, 1999) It is imperative to characterize the characteristics, skills and general necessities looked for from the expected worker. For a proficient determination process and to evade future issues (counting high staff turnover, absence of fulfillment and wastage of assets), it is important to have a preset profile of the aptitudes and capacities of the up-and-comer. The way toward characterizing the prerequisites should begin with an investigation of the activity. Employment examination is the gathering, breaking down and setting out data about work under the headings of in general reason, content, responsibility, execution measures, skills, obligat ions and that's just the beginning. Employment examination is for inward purposes and it is significant regarding work assessment for pay purposes, for arranging preparing programs and for proficient and successful enlistment. The examination is utilized for drawing up the set of working responsibilities which is alluded to an explanation that characterizes the reason, obligations and the

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After Reading quot;Richard Coryquot; And quot;Shot So

In the wake of Reading quot;Richard Coryquot; And quot;Shot So In the wake of Reading Richard Cory And Shot So Quick... By A. E. Housman And The †Essay Example Teacher Essay # Analysis of sonnets: Short? So fast, so spotless a closure and Richard Cory Short? So speedy, so spotless a consummation and Richard Cory are two sonnets that legitimately talk about human encounters. In the two sonnets, the subjects wind up ending it all so as to flee from some type of issue. In the two sonnets, the creators exhibit that individuals can put everything on the line trying to address the issues they face. Hence, in these two sonnets, self destruction is utilized as the vehicle to escape from one’s irreversible missteps and abstain from exacting the enduring onto others. In Short? So speedy, so spotless a closure, the creator shows that the subject had been experiencing some type of open embarrassment; ‘After long disfavor and scorn’ (Houseman, 10). Along these lines, so as to keep away from this mortification, the main alternative was to end it all. What's more, it is indicated that he needed to do so on the grounds that he would not like to outrage people around him: ‘You would not live to wrong your brothers’ (Houseman, 19). Thus, self exacted demise is a method of stay away from the spread of one’s enduring onto others. Also, in Richard Cory, Richard ended it all since he needed something. In spite of the fact that the sonnet doesn't expressly state precisely what he needed, obviously it was something he was unable to change. Richard had everything; â€Å"And he was rich-indeed, more extravagant than a king† (Robinson, 9), and the individuals respected him. by taking a gander at his appearance and riches, the individuals thought Richard â€Å"was everything† (Robinson, 11). In spite of the fact that he seemed to have an agreeable existence, one day he â€Å"put a projectile through his head† (Robinson, 16). Richard seems to have needed something others in the town had, and this made him appear to be unique. Whatever the issue was, Richard couldn't right it without any one else or utilize his enormous riches to transform it. To dodge this mortification and shame, self destruction is picked as the best fix. The two sonnets talk about a typical issue across numerous social orders today: self destruction. In the cutting edge world, there are various difficulties individuals experience. These could be identified with their families, work, individual wellbeing or addictions. For certain individuals, self destruction has been the best way to escape such issues. Individuals consider self destruction since they feel their issues can't be tackled by anybody, and the best way to mitigate the agony is by kicking the bucket. Emotions, for example, blame, forlornness, misfortune and sadness are regular among numerous individuals today, and thus some may remove this choice to get from them. Likewise, as appeared in Richard Cory, even the individuals who have all the earmarks of being agreeable may be engaging an issue, and they as well, may wind up ending it al l. Housman, A. E. A Shropshire Lad. Champaign, Ill.: Project Gutenberg. Print.Parini, Jay. The Wadsworth Anthology Of Poetry. Boston: Thomson Wadsworth, 2005. Print.

Learning Behaviour Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

Learning Behavior - Assignment Example Positive conduct the executives (PBM) has as of late been suggested as an increasingly worthy type of the board in the study hall than conventional conduct alteration (Cheesman and Watts, 2001). It centers after structure up a positive air by including the student as an accomplice in the instructive procedure (Pierce and Van Houten, 2000) and underlines the need to offer understudies each chance to create self-restraint through suitable learning encounters (Brophy, 2001; Duke and Jones, 2001; Pepper and Henry, 2001; Wayson, 2001). Where conduct should be changed students are welcome to set social objectives with the instructor and, sometimes, screen and record their own advancement (McNamara, 2004). Comparable to Skinner's hypothesis, I have watched this in the study hall circumstance positive conduct the executives depends upon the standards of encouraging feedback (Skinner, 2003) with proper conduct compensated and wrong conduct disregarded, at every possible opportunity. It in thi s way stays away from the antagonism officeholder upon the withdrawal of benefits in break' and reaction cost frameworks of conduct alteration. ... s, such measures, present a foe direction into a study hall which cultivates super ordinate-subordinate and serious connections both between... educators and understudies and understudies and their peers(Thomas 2000, p. 149). Positive conduct the board, according to the National Curriculum Science, offers an increasingly hopeful other option, for it tries to change the issue' conduct by changing both the unforeseen conditions, which might be keeping up the conduct, and the forerunner conditions, which may have started the conduct in any case. I concur with Jason and Kuchay (2001, p. 413) who recommended that the precursor' conditions (the improvement's in Skinnerian terms) apply similarly as incredible a command over conduct as do possibilities of fortification. Besides, changing the precursor states of the conduct is viewed as less robotic and manipulative than the control of the timetables of fortification for, thusly, positive conduct is welcomed as opposed to conduct which is est eemed unseemly, stifled. (Wragg 1984) Conversation I saw during my experience as an understudy educator that Brophy's portrayal of guidance, as activities taken explicitly to help understudies in acing the proper educational plan (2001 p. 2) is a lot of valid, considering my experience as an understudy instructor. Activities taken in the study hall that are not legitimately or expressly intended to improve understudies' dominance of a specific subject are considered non-guidance. One part of non-guidance is the instructor's administration or association of the homeroom, which incorporates the creation and upkeep of learning conditions that help the objectives of scholarly guidance (Brophy, 2001). Notwithstanding, I believe that gathering proof focuses to a urgent job for study hall

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My Philosophy of Teaching :: Philosophy of Education Teachers Essays

My Philosophy of Teaching I had a closest companion in secondary school that had an incapacity. Her inability never eased back her down. She played softball and went for the ball group. She roused me. I know kids with incapacities can lead a fun and ordinary life. With a visionary outlook I decided to educate, so I could show youngsters, crippled or not, what an extraordinary effect they can have on the world. The homeroom is the place this acknowledgment for the kids starts. My study hall won't be mine as it were. I need the youngsters to have a feeling of responsibility for study hall moreover. The seating will be roundabout with my work area as a piece of the circle. Release sheets will be set up with works the youngsters have done, trial material, and brainteasers. The announcement sheets will permit the kids to try different things with new thoughts and reach their own determinations. We will have undertakings and materials that push the kids to think, yet leave enough space for them to shape their own feelings. The kids should have the option to spread the wings of their mind and have options by they way we sort out and run our homeroom. By having a non-tyrant study hall we have space for a majority rule government. The youngsters can enable me to choose what rules will keep the homeroom deliberate and what disciplines are fitting for defying these norms. In the event that they make the discipline, it will be increasingly hard for them to fight when they are being rebuffed. The understudies would have possession in the study hall. To keep my understudies from disrupting the guidelines, I intend to spur them utilizing an assortment of strategies. For instance, I would give stickers for passing marks, a book for a month of passing marks, and spare time to watch a film as an award for good conduct all month. For their numerous day by day achievements, I would persistently offer them verbal commendations and applause. I intend to convey this support into my study hall. I’m going to instruct in a way where the kids can test the thoughts and strategies that I’m illustrating.

How to bond with your employees and boost their productivity

The most effective method to bond with your workers and lift their efficiency Incredible supervisors construct associations with their workers. You don’t must be pal with everybody in your office, yet in the event that you set up a compatibility and discuss successfully with the individuals who work for you, you’ll cultivate a feeling of trust and confidence and make a superior workplace for all. Indeed, in aâ recent review, 60% of 1,000 all day laborers addressed said their relationship with their boss emphatically affected their work profitability. Here are a couple of techniques for how you can make a relationship of trust and regard with your direct reports.Keep your entryway open.The more you make yourself available to your representatives, the more agreeable they’ll feel making a trip to talk about things with you, raise gives that surface during the day, or buoy good thoughts your way. You’ll have a superior thought of what’s going on if you’re not cooped up in your office alone. On the off chance that you†™re not certain how to urge your workers to arbitrarily check in, have a go at getting a sweets container for your desk!Schedule (and don’t overlook) week by week one-on-ones.Structured input all the time can be significant to both you and your representatives. Set aside a few minutes for an up close and personal gathering with each immediate report where you can jump on the same wavelength about existing ventures and tune in to concerns (while communicating any of your own), and you’ll begin to harvest the benefits.Oftentimes, a repetitive gathering on the schedule can get pushed aside or even disregarded in light of the fact that it appears to be pointless when you see each other throughout the day, consistently. Fight the temptation to drop or to allow your worker to drop. Regardless of whether you simply meet for 10 minutes, that tranquil, booked registration time is critical to finding out about your representatives and getting a feeling of how they’re tr uly doing.Meet outside of the chief/worker context.You shouldn’t profess to be on a similar level as your workers everybody knows the chain of importance, so you don’t need to appear you’re tricking anybody. In any case, it’s alright to descend from your upper bar occasionally and let everybody in the work environment have an equivalent voice in the association. Perhaps plan a conceptualizing meeting where you, as well, are answerable for thinking of thoughts, or a week by week roundtable with the group where all of you talk about the best thing that occurred during the work week.Get together outside of the office.A barely any group building exercises outside of the workplace can go an exceptionally long approach to helping you become acquainted with your representatives as genuine individuals, not simply with regards to their jobs at work. Attempt a group lunch or a gathering volunteer undertaking, and request thoughts from the gathering. Be that as it m ay, it would be ideal if you don’t make individuals allow up their ends of the week plan this non-work excursion a couple of times each year during working hours.Offer normal encouragement.Take an enthusiasm for the vocation advancement and occupation fulfillment of each immediate report. At the point when somebody is working superbly, set aside the effort to tell them a little encouraging feedback goes far. Send a fast email of applause when a specific venture works out in a good way. Send a yearly (or month to month!) email helping them to remember the amount you value their work. Make it understood to higher-ups when somebody goes well beyond. At the point when your workers realize you notice the seemingly insignificant details, they’ll need to be ready each day.Don’t counterfeit it.Above all else, you can’t counterfeit it. Esteeming your representatives and focusing on them requires genuine exertion and venture. On the off chance that you apatheticall y make endeavors to connect sometimes, everybody will know you don’t truly would not joke about this. Be that as it may, investing the exertion is justified, despite all the trouble the more grounded, more beneficial connections you’ll fabricate will make everybody more joyful and progressively profitable.

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Relationship Between Economic Variables And Sub Sector Price Finance Essay - Free Essay Example

This chapter provides an outline of the research process designed to investigate the relationship between economic variables and Sub-sector price index. 3.1 The Data In this section, we will summarize our models data and present the methodology of our model. The daily data for interdependent and dependable variables e.g. FBM KLSE (Kuala Lumpur Composite Index), T-Bill band 4, Crude oil WTI (West Texas Intermediate) price, Gold Bullion LBM (U$ Troy Ounce) price, T-bill band 4, Kuala Lumpur Composite Index (KLCI) price index, and Sub-sector Price Index are collected from the DataStream and cover from period 17/04/2000 to 18/04/2011. There are 2610 daily observations obtained from DataStream. The data set is given in the Appendix of this paper. In relation on this, dependable variable are consists of ten (10) majors price index e.g., Consumer Product, Plantation, Finance, Trading and Services, Industrial, Industrial Products, Construction, Mining, Properties, and Technology. As can be seen from figure 1, there is an increasing trend on global gold price and reached its the highest point, $ 1,492.06, on April, 2011. The gold price was tending to increase since year October, 2008. We believe this trend will continues increasing due to strong demand and short supply gold in the commodities market. Moreover, some expertise research firms like GFMS, a leading global precious metals consultancy, released its 2011 Gold Survey and GFMS expects that gold will reach $1,600 by the end of 2011. Another independent variable, Crude oil WTI (West Texas Intermediate) price known as Texas light sweet, is a type of crude oil used as a benchmark in oil pricing. As refer to figure 2, the oil price increase significantly during year 2007 and the reasons behind can be explained by the Asian growing demand on oil to sustain their economy growth. The past researchers also been reported, that oil consumption in India was increased approximately 8.7% according 1998 and 6.5% according to 2006. Mehmet Eryigit (2009) has studied and found that in year 2007, USA has been consumed the 23.9% of the total oil, however total share of the world oil cons umption for China, India and Turkey in 2009 is only accounted 13.4% (China consumed 9.3%, India consumed 3.3%, and Turkey consumed 0.8%). Meanwhile, back to middle of year 2008 Sub-prime crisis was happened in U.S financial system and the crude oil price has reached to a minimum price $31, that is a minimum last trader price was reported since year 2004. After decreasing trend along the year 2008, early of 2009 crude oil price are in recovery stages and maintained a reasonable price between $ 65 -$ 100 per barrels. We expect the crude oil will continue increasing. The next independent variable is Market returns FBM Kuala Lumpur Composite Index (KLCI). The Kuala Lumpur Composite Index (KLCI) is used as a proxy for the performance of the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange and comprises the largest 30 companies listed on the Main Board by full market capitalization. The last independent variable is T-Bill band 4. T-Bill band 4 is type of money market instrument. The Malaysian Treasury B ills (MTB) issued by the Central Bank of Malaysia Are tradable on yield basis (discounted rate) based on bands of remaining tenure (e.g., Band 4 = 68 to 91 days to maturity). This instrument are represents the short-term interest rate in the Malaysia money market. The high or low interest rate will make bonds look more attractive than stock and consequently impact the stock price return. Figure 1: Gold Bullion LBM (U$ Troy Ounce) Price Figure 2: Crude Oil WTI (West Texas Intermediate) Price 3.2 Conceptual Framework 1. Crude Oil WTI 2. Gold Bullion LBM (U$Troy Ounces) 3. KLSE (Kuala Lumpur Composite Index) 4. T-Bill Band 4 Sub Sector Price Index Consumer Product, Plantation, Finance Trading and Services, Industrial, Industrial Products, Construction, Mining, Properties, and Technology.The conceptual framework of this study was derived from literature review where proven macroeconomic variables that effect FBM Kuala Lumpur Composite Index (KLCI) are used as independent variables, Crude oil WTI (West Texas Intermediate) future contract price, Gold Bullion LBM (U$ Troy Ounce) price, and T-bill band 4 had been widely used in evaluating relationship between macroeconomic variables and Sub-sector price index. Further to that, crude oil price is also proven to be a macroeconomic variable that direct impact to the conditional of the stock market. In fact, oil price can affect prices directly by impacting future cash flows or indirectly through an impact on the interest rate used to discount future cash flows. 3.3. Design of Study The Arbitrage Pricing Theory (APT) is an expansion model of Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) Single -factor model. That is, it specifies risk as a function of only one factor, the securitys beta coefficient. In a reality, the risk / return relationship is more complex, with a stocks required return a function of more than one factor. For example, CAPM method is not suitable on this research because there are a various interdependent variables effect the dependent variables. Thus, we should adopt the APT (Arbitrage Pricing Theory) model to define and analyses these factors. A statistical technique that simultaneously develop a mathematical relationship between a single depend variable and two or more independent variables. With the four independent variables the prediction of Y is expressed by the following equation: Regression equation is; Multi-factor Model: Rit = ÃÆ' ¢Ãƒâ€¹Ã¢â‚¬  Ãƒâ€šÃ‚ + BetaMRtMRt + Betaoil Oilt + BetaGoldGoldt+ BetaT-billT-billt (1) Indicators: ÃÆ' ¢Ãƒâ€¹Ã¢â‚¬  Ãƒâ€šÃ‚  = Intercept / Alpha Rit = Return on major sub sector MRt = Market Returns Oilt = Oil Returns Goldt = Gold Returns T-billt= T-bill Returns Where the Sub sector price index is a dependent variable and it shows the return on the Sub sector price index. Beta is constant term and we have four (4) independent variables; Gold price, Oil price, Market returns, and short-term interest rate respectively. We used Ordinary Least Squares (OLS) method to evaluate the relationships between the Gold price, Oil price, Market returns, and short-term interest rate against the ten (10) sub sector price index. The market return was benchmark to the FBM Kuala Lumpur Composite Index (KLCI) composite share price index. Time series of short-term interest rate taken over the T-bill band 4, which is considered to be the short-term interest rate (risk-free interest rate). The first steps, we required to find the return of each independent and dependent variables using below formula: Daily return formula is calculated using as per below: Ri,t = (Pi,t Pi, t-1)/ (Pi, t-1) (2) Where; Ri,t is the price return of ith variable on time t Pi, t is the closing price of day t for variable i. Pi, t-1 is the closing price previous of day t for variable i. Then daily returns are aggregated that are our preliminary input to run regression analysis. The sample period for our study extends from periods 17/04/2000 to 18/04/2011. Then after, used the input and the multi-factor model to run the regression analysis on each interdependent and dependent variable to examine whether each of them have any significant relationship. In additional, sub-part of the analysis section will examine the Gold Oil ratio analysis, the purpose is to determining whether the current Gold Oil ratio is below th e benchmark ratio is either too cheap, or crude oil is too expensive otherwise when ratio is greater than benchmark, oil is either too cheap or gold. Sub-parts of the session will analysis on Gold ratio trend from period 17/04/2000 to 18/04/2011. The mean of gold oil ratio as an indicator for investor to decide whether the gold price is expensive, crude oil prices is cheap or the gold price is cheap, crude oil price is expensive. Using below formula: Gold Ratio = Gold Price0, t / Crude oil Price0, t (3) Where; Gold Price0, t is the closing price of day t for Gold. Crude oil Price0, t is the closing price of day t for Crude oil. CHAPTER 4 FINDINGS AND DISCUSSION This chapter presents the findings of the study and provide a through discussion and analysis of the findings. 4.1 Data Analysis To observe the effect of crude oil price, gold price, market returns, and short-term interest rates, the regression is calculated by using Ordinary Least Square (OLS) estimation procedure. Results are presented in Table 1. Referring to the result obtained from Ordinary Least Square (OLS) analysis, the result found that gold and market return have a positive significant statistical relationship with consumer price index at 5% significant level. These also make a same result for plantation price index. The result implies that gold and market return have a positive significant statistical relationship with plantation price index. Between, the trading and services index shows positive significant relationship with market returns but negative statistical relationship with gold. It implies, when the trading and service price index increase 1% the gold price will decrease 0.011%. Moreover, the regression model is statistically useful in explaining the variation in the Finance, mining, and technology price index with 95% confidence level. The result shows positive significant relationships with market returns. In additional, the industrial, industrial product, and properties price index regression model analysis results shows that market returns have a positive significant statistical relationship with three sub-sector price index. On the other hands, the industrial price index show negative significant statistical relationship with crude oil price at 5% significant level but the industrial product and properties have a positive significant statistical relationship with crude oil price. Finally, from the regression model analysis result found that, only the construction price index has a negative significant statistical relationship with t-bill at 5% significant level and others sub sector price index dont have any statistical relationship with the T-bill. 4.2 Subpart Analysis Gold/ Oil Ratio Gold Oil Ratio is an expressed mathematically as the per-ounce price of gold divided by the cost of a barrel of crude oil, the ratio was telling us how many barrels of oil can be bought with an ounce of gold. Even though oil and gold are thought to be hedging on inflation, their price movements arent in lockstep. Since the 2001 launch of the current bull cycle, the correlation between U.S. benchmark West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil and the London morning gold fix is only 23 percent. In fact, its the lack of a tight correlation that makes the gold/oil ratio meaningful. The ratio can fluctuated over time; since 2002, one ounce of gold could have bought between 11 and 16 barrels of oil. In midyear 2008, as oil prices surged, gold scraped a historic low at a 6x multiple (a 6-to-1 ratio). After half year later, the ratio had shoot to the 23x level after massive de-leveraging sent oil prices down $100 a barrel. Over the longer term-say, the past four decades-the average m ultiple has been 15x. Signals: The gold-oil identifies: Buying opportunities (for gold) when the gold-oil ratio turns up at/below 7 barrels/ounce; and Selling opportunities when the gold-oil ratio turns down at/above 12 barrels/ounce. Table 1: Minimum and Maximum Gold Oil Ratio Record during the Period.  2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Max 15,18 15,74 13,85 11,67 8,94 11,08 12,54 23,11 28,05 17,55 16,29 Min 9,14 10,56 9,35 11,67 6,96 8,22 8,33 6,52 13,15 13,69 13,98             Table 2: Summary Table  Consumer Product Plantation Finance Trading services Industrial Industrial Product Construction Mining Properties Technology Market return ÃÆ' ¢Ãƒâ€¹Ã¢â‚¬  Ãƒâ€¦Ã‚ ¡ ÃÆ' ¢Ãƒâ€¹Ã¢â‚¬  Ãƒâ€¦Ã‚ ¡ ÃÆ' ¢Ãƒâ€¹Ã¢â‚¬  Ãƒâ€¦Ã‚ ¡ ÃÆ' ¢Ãƒâ€¹Ã¢â‚¬  Ãƒâ€¦Ã‚ ¡ ÃÆ' ¢Ãƒâ€¹Ã¢â‚¬  Ãƒâ€¦Ã‚ ¡ ÃÆ' ¢Ãƒâ€¹Ã¢â‚¬  Ãƒâ€¦Ã‚ ¡ ÃÆ' ¢Ãƒâ€¹Ã¢â‚¬  Ãƒâ€¦Ã‚ ¡ ÃÆ' ¢Ãƒâ€¹Ã¢â‚¬  Ãƒâ€¦Ã‚ ¡ ÃÆ' ¢Ãƒâ€¹Ã¢â‚¬  Ãƒâ€¦Ã‚ ¡ ÃÆ' ¢Ãƒâ€¹Ã¢â‚¬  Ãƒâ€¦Ã‚ ¡ Oil ÃÆ'Æ’- ÃÆ'Æ’- ÃÆ'Æ’- ÃÆ'Æ’- ÃÆ' ¢Ãƒâ€¹Ã¢â‚¬  Ãƒâ€¦Ã‚ ¡ ÃÆ' ¢Ãƒâ€¹Ã¢â‚¬  Ãƒâ€¦Ã‚ ¡ ÃÆ'Æ’- ÃÆ'Æ’- ÃÆ' ¢Ãƒâ€¹Ã¢â‚¬  Ãƒâ€¦Ã‚ ¡ ÃÆ'Æ’- Gold ÃÆ' ¢Ãƒâ€¹Ã¢â‚¬  Ãƒâ€¦Ã‚ ¡ ÃÆ' ¢Ãƒâ€¹Ã¢â‚¬  Ãƒâ€¦Ã‚ ¡ ÃÆ'Æ’- ÃÆ' ¢Ãƒâ€¹Ã¢â‚¬  Ãƒâ€¦Ã‚ ¡ ÃÆ'Æ’- ÃÆ'Æ’- ÃÆ'Æ’- ÃÆ'Æ’- ÃÆ'Æ’- ÃÆ'Æ’- T-Bill ÃÆ'Æ’- ÃÆ'Æ’- ÃÆ'Æ’- ÃÆ'Æ’- ÃÆ'Æ’- ÃÆ'Æ’- ÃÆ' ¢Ãƒâ€¹Ã¢â‚¬  Ãƒâ€¦Ã‚ ¡ ÃÆ'Æ’- ÃÆ'Æ’- ÃÆ'Æ’- ÃÆ' ¢Ãƒâ€¹Ã¢â‚¬  Ãƒâ€¦Ã‚ ¡ = Significant at 5% ÃÆ'Æ’- = No significant at 5% Table 3: ANOVA Table: Components Consumer Product Plantation Finance Trading services Industrial Coefficient Intercept 0,0002420 0,0003258 0,0000982 (0,0000444) 0,0000733 KLCI PRICE INDEX 0,5623974 0,9784759 1,0645010 0,9994746 0,7729328 Crude oil (0,0054988) (0,0018498) 0,0025010 0,0026129 (0,0109819) Gold 0,0158866 0,0441310 (0,0037211) (0,0112407) 0,0098721 T-bil (0,0034387) (0,0048518) (0,0059951) 0,0023219 (0,0004433) Adjusted R Square 0,5606859 0,5041736 0,8081372 0,8927299 0,6798043  P-value Intercept 0,00310016 0,04191723 0,24917804 0,43452323 0,39876364 KLCI PRICE INDEX Crude oil 0,0931 0,7729 0,4634 0,2512 0,0016 Gold 0,0258 0,0016 0,6160 0,0233 0,1922 T-bil 0,4479 0,5845 0,2042 0,4613 0,9267 Components Industrial Product Construction Mining Properties Technology Coefficient Intercept (0,0000330) (0,0001192) 0,0006207 (0,0000617) (0,0006292) KLCI PRICE INDEX 0,7928138 1,1884864 0,8354046 0,9573352 0,9419663 Crude oil 0,0092151 0,0029884 (0,0115321) 0,0112074 0,0049796 Gold 0,0145574 0,0093185 (0,0493598) 0,0059426 0,0372188 T-bil (0,0030311) (0,0202644) 0,0016072 (0,0024516) (0,0004453) Adjusted R Square 0,6357414 0,6109031 0,0462843 0,5468360 0,3246577  P-value Intercept 0,73923273 0,44480430 0,30905151 0,66749650 0,00515217 KLCI PRICE INDEX 0,000000 0,000000 Crude oil 0,0203 0,6323 0,6369 0,0515 0,5801 Gold 0,0918 0,4929 0,3531 0,6349 0,0574 T-bil 0,5810 0,0191 0,9621 0,7582 0,9715